‘Women are lazy, they want husbands with high paying jobs’: Sonali Kulkarni

Sonali Kulkarni’s latest remark about women being ‘lazy’ has gone viral on social media.

In an interview with Bhupendra Singh, the actress revealed how Indian women are still looking for a rich husband these days. 

“In India, we sometimes forget that a lot of women are just lazy,” she said.

“They want a boyfriend/husband who makes a good living, owns a home, and whose performance at work guarantees regular raises,” said the actress. 

Sonali believes that women forget to advocate for themselves and try to become dependent on others. 

“I urge everyone to encourage women and make them self-sufficient. So, they will be able to split household expenses with their partners,” added the actress. 

While many men applauded her on Twitter for speaking the ‘truth,’ many women criticised the actress for her narrow perspective on the issue. “Twitter should come up with a virtual slap for her derogatory comment against women,” said a user. 

“The need for male validation is embarrassing. I have seen, ‘not so educated’ women doing equal daily manual labour as their male counterparts, only to come back home and do household chores too, while the ‘tired’ husband takes a nap,” wrote another user. 

In the same interview, Sonali discussed workplace harassment and how women complain to HR when someone comments on their outfits. She said women need to ‘humble’ themselves.

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